L-System Documentation (Beta)


Origin is specified as a position and direction: x, y, and theta. The x and y are specified in pixels, relative to the top left corner of the drawing surface. Theta is specified in radians (TODO: change to degrees).
The angles of the operators are specified as two values, in degrees.
Scale controls the forward movement of the F, A, B, and G symbols, in pixels.
The string ruleset input ought to be fairly straightforward. For stochastic generation, secondary F and X entries are allowed, their probability is controlled by the smaller text inputs (0-1 range).
Color sliders control multiplication of the stack level to provide linearly interpolated color based on stack level. Checkboxes force colors to 255. The fourth slider is alpha.

Buttons & Stuff

'Draw' will regenerate and draw the shape, based on the existing ruleset and parameters. 'Clear' resets the canvas to black. 'Text' echoes the last generated sequence string to a new tab. 'Save' echoes the current canvas view to a new tab.
In the 'Output to Console' section, 'String' will echo the sequence string to the console (this may crash/freeze the browser as the sequence string is often freakishly long), and 'Parameters' echoes the parameters to the console.


A list of presets are provided. Selecting a preset will overwrite any existing parameters and ruleset.