Electrical engineering


Datasheet link lists, part summaries, and more.

Atmel Quick Reference

Lists of Atmel microcontrollers in PDIP packaging, along with a list of useful application notes.

Integrated Circuit Datasheets

Datasheet links for various useful integrated circuits, along with brief descriptions.

Discrete Semiconductor Datasheets

Datasheet links for common diodes and transistors.

AVR Cheat Sheet

Pinouts for common AVR microcontrollers and connectors, links for fuse and delay calculators, etc.

Arduino Code Snippets

Short Arduino specific code snippets. Essentially, small building blocks for more complex functionality.

Electrical engineering

Geospatial Resources

Interesting Places

Natural and manmade features of the world that are impressive from the air.

KML Coverage

Satellite imagery coverage in KML file format.

Software development

Software Development

Various tid-bits and tools related to software development.

Keycode Display

Prints keycodes (event.which in Javascript) of keypress events, and assists with array formatting, should such formatting be necessary.

MIDI Note Table

Provides conversions between MIDI note numbers in several bases, as well as musical note names and frequencies.

Undefined Behaviour in JS

JavaScript does strange things sometimes; here are a few examples.


Cooking and Materials Science

In an effort to refine the process of improving recipes for food staples such as toffee, caramel, chocolate, and more, it has become evident that a simple cookbook or temperature table does not suffice.

Candy Temperature Spectrum

Displays a table of important points for candy making and chocolate processing, and allows for various altitudes or pressures.

Chocolate Darkness Calculator

Given several amounts of chocolate and their percentage darkness, calculates the resulting amount and darkness.